The advantages of an off-site construction

May 18, 2022

From design to assembly, our Modules are built in the factory, off-site. A method that offers many advantages. Overview :

○ Who says prefabrication says reflections and therefore… Problems on site avoided. No more unpleasant surprises and delays in execution!

Modeling and planning

○ The assembly of our Wooden Modules (CLT) in the factory, before installation, results in better working conditions and more safety . And this, both off-site and on-site.

○ Significant productivity gains should also be noted. The goal? Offer assembly and delivery times reduced by 40 to 60% compared to traditional construction.

Setting up draining on upturned floor

○ The transport volume of materials and men is also greatly reduced.

○ The quantity of waste is reduced and the recycling of materials facilitated since everything is managed within our factory.

2 office modules
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