Everything you need to know about tiny houses: construction, advantages, usefulness

You dream of a tiny house?

The Luxembourg manufacturer Halzebatz
 takes care of it. Halzebatz means “backpack” in Luxembourgish. The idea of this designer of micro-houses? Carry your home or office just like you would a backpack: wherever you want! A tiny house is a house on wheels that looks like a wooden cabin.

The Luxembourgish Halzebatz tiny houses are ecological modular houses. Let’s take a closer look at the definition of a tiny house. What is the construction method of the tiny sold by Halzebatz? What are the advantages of these mobile constructions? What are the benefits of a mobile home on wheels? How to choose it? What are the regulations on tiny houses?


What is a tiny house? Manufacturing, advantages and uses

A tiny house is a small ecological house made of wood. It is a mobile home, transportable on a trailer. Its length varies between 3 and 8 meters. Its width does not exceed 2.55 meters. The tiny house therefore offers great freedom and a comfortable interior.

The tiny houses are designed with comfort in mind: they are insulated and connected to electricity, hot water and heating. In addition, they are equipped with mechanical ventilation and are airtight. Their height allows to occupy a volume on several levels, with mezzanines.


How are the tiny houses sold at Halzebatz made?

Halzebatz is a designer and manufacturer of tiny houses in Luxembourg. Our tiny houses are made in Belgium. They are built in the workshop and then delivered and installed on site.


Modular homes made to measure

Each tiny house is different from the previous one, because it is customizable. We adapt to your needs. In other words, your tiny house is custom built.

You can choose a tiny house with or without partitions. Our tiny houses are modular in the sense that you can stack blocks or add more on the sides. You can choose a tiny house with a roof terrace, or a tiny house with or without a mezzanine. Halzebatz offers 5 different modules, but can adapt some modules to your needs.


Tiny houses built with CLT wood

Halzebatz tiny houses are made of CLT wood, which is a guarantee of quality. Wood remains the most ecological and healthy material. It does not emit harmful gases and stores atmospheric CO2. We use PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes) certified spruce wood. The pieces of wood are assembled and glued with a food glue. It is therefore a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.


The advantages of the tiny house

The modular house compared to traditional construction

With the tiny house, you save between 40 and 60% on construction time (including prefabrication and assembly) compared to a traditional house. When you want to leave, it will be a matter of dismantling, not demolition. You will be able to reuse your tiny house after dismantling. This modular construction therefore promotes the circular economy.


The mobility and freedom offered by the tiny house

A tiny house offers great mobility. It is easily disassembled with access to mechanical fasteners and lifting attachments. The screwed feet can be easily dismantled and make it easy to restore the ground to its original state. Then, the transport of this modular house on wheels will be done simply with a trailer.


Significant savings compared to conventional housing

The use of an architect is unnecessary. You save on this costly item and are autonomous in building your tiny house. The price per square meter is lower than that of a house extension or a traditional house. If you do not own the land on which you place your tiny house, you do not pay property tax or housing tax.


Saving time to live in a tiny house

A tiny house is built in 3 to 4 days. This is one of the fastest techniques to obtain housing. Allow 4 to 6 months between your order and delivery.


Energy saving in a wooden house on wheels

Wood is naturally insulating. By choosing to live in a tiny house, you will consume little energy. The insulating property of wood is 15 times greater than that of concrete. Using CLT wood for your tiny house allows you to reduce the presence of thermal bridges in the house. The CLT wood tiny house offers a thermal inertia contrary to the wood frame constructions. The interior finish remains superfluous. The tiny house brings comfort and requires little heating.


A sustainable and comfortable home

The modular house is more durable than a camper or a caravan. In addition, it is more comfortable. It offers a better thermal and phonic insulation. Wood is an excellent sound absorber and reduces indoor and outdoor noise.


An ecological modular house

The ecological footprint is very small. The permeability of the soil is respected. Life in a tiny house is economical in every way and encourages people to reduce their consumption by adopting a minimalist lifestyle. The rainwater is filtered to make the water drinkable. Some showers operate in a closed circuit with just-in-time sanitation. The toilets are often dry toilets.


Modular house on wheels, what for?

Halzebatz is a quick answer to specific needs (housing, home-office, offices, schools, extensions…) thanks to the modular buildings that we manufacture.


Primary residence or home extension alternative

You can live in a tiny house all year round. It is a life project and an economical alternative to the traditional house.

If you can’t file a building permit, the tiny house seems to be a good solution to enlarge your living space. It will serve as a guest room.


Vacation home or office

The tiny house is an atypical mobile home that lends itself well to vacations in nature.

But it is also the ideal solution for temporary modular offices.


How to choose your modular home? The interior of the tiny house

Inside a tiny house, the notion of saving space is essential. There are sliding closets, multi-functional spaces, trap doors, folding shelves, hybrid modular furniture. The space is designed around well-being and ergonomics.

The modular home has a living room area, a kitchen area, a dry toilet, a bathroom, a mezzanine bed and small storage spaces scattered throughout.

As far as equipment is concerned, it is equipped with a refrigerator, a microwave, a shower, a sink, and a sink.


The regulations of the tiny house

Halzebatz will give you some recommendations to choose the land for your tiny house. Indeed, it is necessary to foresee the connection to water and electricity and to make sure that the ground is not too uneven. The Alur (Access to Housing and Renovated Urbanism) law of 2014 gave legal existence to tiny houses. The legislation in Belgium considers tiny houses as light housing. The regulations related to tiny houses vary by region.

In a nutshell

The CLT wooden tiny house is a sustainable modular house that has many strengths. Living in a custom-built mobile home on wheels allows you to cut costs and live comfortably. It gives you a sense of freedom in a small space.

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