The mobile and/or stationary
houses. offices. buildings.

Forget about traditional construction!

The Luxembourg company Halzebatz offers modular, sustainable, eco-responsible, mobile and 100% European solutions to quickly meet your housing and business space needs.

We imagine and design tiny houses, modular houses, modular offices and high-end modular buildings . We use CLT wood for this purpose , which has many advantages. Modular construction consists of pre-assembled modules in the factory. The ready-to-use modules are then transported by truck and assembled on site.

Advantages of modular buildings over traditional construction

Reduction of the construction time (prefabrication + assembly) by 40 to 60%.

Affordable: no need for an architect or foundation, optimized off-site construction method, more attractive price per square meter

Circular economy: possibility of reuse after dismantling, fixed or mobile use , recycling of wood

Energy performance thanks to the insulating properties of CLT wood

Flexibility: each module can be customized according to your needs, the interior is fully modular

Scalability: you can add modules in the future

Optimized construction: less waste, less transportation, better working conditions for the workforce

Design: much more than a container or a caravan, it is a real quality construction with careful finishing, offering a pleasant environment to the occupants

Eco-responsible approach: wood construction generates lessCO2 and uses less water than traditional construction

Less nuisance on the construction site: less noise, less waste and less traffic

Mobility: “Halzebatz” is a Luxembourgish word meaning “backpack”. The idea is that you can move your home or office as you would with a backpack: wherever you want! All of our solutions are designed for fixed or mobile use to adapt to your changing situation. They can be easily dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.

Tiny houses

You may have heard of these little houses on wheels. Like all our products, we manufacture our tiny houses in CLT wood. You can choose your own layout. All the space is optimized to offer you maximum comfort. They are delivered ready to use on the site of your choice. Turnkey tiny houses can be used as primary or secondary residences, vacation homes or even offices. They generally accommodate 2 to 4 people. This type of nomadic, affordable and sustainable accommodation offers you complete freedom. Tiny houses are mainly intended for people who choose to live a minimalist and eco-responsible lifestyle.

Modular offices

Whether you want a separate office for telecommuting or additional workspace for your business, our modular offices offer a quick and flexible solution. You can also easily add modules for expansion. If you choose this solution to work remotely, you will improve your concentration and productivity by having your own office separate from your home. If you choose these modular solutions for your company, you will quickly offer your employees or users a modern, stylish and pleasant working environment.

Modular homes

We design custom modular CLT wood houses . They can be on one level or on several levels. You can fully customize it: number of rooms, interior layout, with or without partitions, etc.

These homes can be used as a primary or secondary residence. Like all our modular solutions, they can be used in a fixed or mobile way. In fact, they can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere if your situation changes in the future.

Modular buildings

If you need larger spaces for different uses, our modular CLT wood buildings have many advantages over traditional construction. You’ll have affordable, environmentally responsible and versatile buildings sooner. You can use our modular solutions for administrative buildings, a head office, a school, a care and rehabilitation center, a sports hall, a (veterinary) clinic, etc. You also have the option of adding modules if you need more space in the future. Like all our solutions, you can also easily move your buildings.