About us

The Luxembourg company Halzebatz is the result of the collaboration between Pit Streicher, Banice Architects and La Maison de Demain who specialize in minimalist designs for homes and office buildings.

We imagine, design and manufacture tiny houses, modular houses, modular offices and mobile and/or fixed modular buildings that are truly innovative thanks to the use of modular wood construction (CLT). Halzebatz thus proposes future solutions to the housing crisis and reinvents construction, which becomes modular, sustainable and eco-responsible.

The name Halzebatz means: the removable backpack habitat. Our solutions can be used in a fixed and/or mobile way. In addition to basic modules, we also create custom modules. Our products are environmentally friendly and 100% European. Designed for mobility and/or fixed use, our modules adapt to your life today and tomorrow!


Our goals

  • Responding to the housing shortage
  • Offer a quick solution for specific needs (e.g. housing, telecommuting, offices, schools, etc.)
  • Temporary use of vacant land
  • Offer a greatly reduced construction time (from 40 to 60% compared to a traditional construction, from prefabrication to assembly)
  • Allow the disassembly/reassembly of modules according to your needs
  • Guarantee the respect of a circular and ecoresponsible economy.
  • Create scalable solutions to meet your specific needs


Our philosophy

Design modern, affordable, 100% European (Luxembourgish) solutions that can be customized, delivered and used immediately.


Our eco-responsible approach

We use CLT wood to build the structures of our modular solutions. Wood guarantees excellent insulation properties, which reduces your energy consumption. It is a sustainable, renewable and easily recyclable material. Wood reduces thecarbon footprint of buildings. Wood is also lighter than other materials, which limits the carbon footprint of transportation. It is also a method of construction considered “dry”. In contrast, “wet” construction methods, such as concrete, generate significant carbon emissions. In addition, they require large quantities and lengthen lead times due to drying times.


Know-how of our specialists

Trust our team of specialists!

We are not a simple reseller: we have imagined, developed and created our own solutions housing, office buildings and buildings that can be used in a fixed or mobile way. You avoid intermediaries: we take care of everything and coordinate the entire construction process for you. Entrust your project to our team of specialists. We will study all the possibilities together and develop the most suitable solution for your needs.

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You can also call us at +352 621 242 483.

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