Modular offices

With the advent of telecommuting, are you a little cramped for work at home? Your company is expanding and you need additional office space? Do you need a reception desk on a construction site? Whether you need additional space for homeworking or to accommodate employees or potential clients, Halzebatz offers mobile and/or fixed modular offices made of CLT wood that you can configure to your needs. If these needs change in the future, you can also upgrade your modular offices by adding modules. Discover all their advantages below.


What are modular offices?

Modular offices are offices composed of elements pre-assembled in our workshops and assembled on your site. We offer a ready-to-use and durable solution so that you can quickly have additional work or reception areas. The modules are fully customizable. They are equipped with top-of-the-line facilities. The design both inside and out is modern and warm. In cooperation with you, we manage the entire project, from prefabrication to on-site installation to facilitate the process.

In addition to the basic modules, we can offer you customized modules according to your activities. We listen to you and design your future modular offices based on the number of people to be accommodated.

It is an affordable, easy and quick solution to your extra space needs. In addition, you improve your comfort or that of your employees with a perfectly equipped work space. In addition, the CLT wood structure guarantees thermal and sound insulation. You therefore promote their productivity and well-being.


How are our modular offices made?


You can fully customize our solutions. We manufacture all custom elements in advance off-site. We offer modules with or without partitions or even just the exterior walls. You can also have your modules modified in the future if your activities change. It is also possible to dismantle them and reassemble them somewhere else. Halzebatz modules are therefore innovative, tailor-made solutions that meet your needs today and tomorrow.


European manufacturing

We prefabricate the modular offices in our workshops in Europe (Belgium). They are then delivered by truck and installed on your property. So you limit your ecological footprint by using European products.


CLT wood

For the construction of the structures, we use CLT (Cross Laminated Tim ber) panels. Our wood comes from a region covering part of Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium and France (Grande Région). This wood has the PEFC-FSC label, considering the sustainable management of forests. Our modules are also manufactured there. Halzebatz offers 100% European products.

Unlike a conventional wood frame
 CLT wood offers excellent thermal and sound insulation, true stability of the structure and good air tightness. In addition, we also use it for interior finishing. No need to worry about fire: it is very fire resistant.


What are their advantages?

  • Speed: our modules are manufactured faster than a traditional construction (40 to 60% time saving)
  • Affordable price: you don’t have to hire an architect and the price per m² is more interesting than a traditional construction
  • Energy performance: because CLT wood offers excellent insulating properties, you use less energy to heat your office
  • Fixed/mobile use according to your needs: you can decide to move your desk by having the modules disassembled and reassembled somewhere else, which favors the circular economy
  • Quick assembly on site: in a few days
  • Low ecological footprint: less waste, lowCO2 consumption during the construction process
  • Comfort: we equip our modules with all the necessary facilities to guarantee the comfort and productivity of the occupants
  • Customization: in addition to our basic solutions, we listen to your needs to build custom modules that perfectly meet them
  • Availability: offices available in a few months
  • Scalable offices: your configuration evolves according to your needs
  • No need for foundations: we place our modules on piles screwed into the ground, easy to dismantle if necessary without damaging the land
  • Versatility: various possible uses, such as a nursery, a showroom, a visitor’s office on a construction site, etc.


How are our modular solutions environmentally friendly?

Right from the design stage, we aim to use ecological and sustainable methods and materials. We use CLT wood, an ecological and 100% European construction material. Our products thus respect the passive or very low energy standards. Wood also allows for a “dry” construction method , unlike “wet” construction methods, such as concrete, which require a lot of water and drying periods, which lengthens the time required. Wood is also a lighter material, which limits shipping costs.

Pre-assembly in our workshops also means less travel to the construction site and less waste during the construction process. In addition, this significantly reduces environmental disturbances and nuisances on the site. You also avoid many of the problems of traditional construction, including weather-related delays. The deadlines are therefore met.

Our modular buildings are also characterized by their mobility: you can dismantle your office and reassemble it somewhere else. This guarantees that you can use it for a long time without having to demolish it.


How to build your modular office?

We offer various basic modules, but you can also decide entirely on the configuration of your future office. We take care of all the interior equipment, including the electrical installation, and the sanitary installation and evacuation.

Your land must be ready to receive the modules. As an option, we will assist you with the technical preparation of the land, in terms of slope, gradient, electricity and water connections and drainage systems.



Our projects


1 module

Net area: 18.32 m²
Gross area: 26.55 m²

Graphic documents →

Price: €91,598 (excluding taxes)
€3,450 per m²


2 modules

Net area: 42.02 m²
Gross area: 53.10 m²

Graphic documents →

Price: €163,548 (excluding taxes)
€3,080 per m²

Or contact us for a custom configuration