CLT wood, why?

April 28, 2022

Halzebatz has designed its solutions around the use of CLT wood. What are the advantages ?

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a wood-based construction material, which comes in the form of a multi-layered panel consisting of 3 to 11 layers of lamellas or slats of wood glued together. Each layer contains lamellae arranged in a single direction.

The solid wood structure used in our modules ensures good thermal inertia , while the CLT panels ensure the bracing: the stability of the structure.

CLT can do without a general vapor barrier and offers little to no risk of air “leakage”.

It can also be used as an interior finish , thanks to its rigidity, and offers a low floor/roof thickness .

What are the differences with a wooden frame?

The alternation of the wooden frame and flexible insulation causes for its part a low thermal inertia and the need to add additional bracing.

In a wooden frame, the general vapor barrier is mandatory and involves many risks of “leakage” of air.

Finally, the wooden frame means that interior finishes must be provided and offers a floor/roof thickness that is clearly greater than the CLT for an equivalent span.

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