The concept

Modern, durable, ecological: solutions that adapt to your needs.

Housing, offices and mobile and/or fixed buildings .

Halzebatz offers housing, office and building solutions that are truly innovative through the use of Modular Timber Construction (CLT). Designed for mobility and/or for fixed use, our Modules adapt to your life today and tomorrow!

Available in 6 configurations that can be ordered online (from 1 to 4 Modules as well as a single-family house and a tiny house) or created to measure according to your needs, our modular structures are fully customizable .

Our philosophy:
To offer you modern, accessible, 100% European and Luxembourgish solutions, adaptable, quickly deliverable and immediately usable.

Our goal:
Offer a greatly reduced construction time (from 40 to 60% compared to traditional construction, from prefabrication to assembly), the possibility of dismantling/reassembling the Modules according to your needs, all while respecting a circular economy and environmentally friendly.

Forget the traditional construction!
Halzebatz fits into the future and reinvents the construction, which becomes modular and removable.


About Us.

Halzebatz is the result of the collaboration between Pit Streicher, Banice Architectes and La maison de Demain, who specialize in minimalist designs for homes and office buildings.