The advantages of Halzebatz Wooden Modules (CLT).

Flexible use: living spaces, offices or buildings.

○ Solutions that adapt to your needs (and not the other way around): our Modules can be used in a fixed way as well as in a mobile way and can be dismantled and reassembled elsewhere.

○ Assembly and production times reduced by 40 to 60% compared to traditional construction thanks to the modularity of our solutions and off-site construction.

○ An eco-responsible solution thanks to the use of wood, a sustainable building material, with a view to the circular economy, 100% Luxembourgish and European .

○ Significant resource savings thanks to low CO2 consumption.

Halzebatz is a quick response to specific needs (housing, home-office, offices, schools, etc.)

○ The use of wood (CLT) offers, unlike a wood frame, excellent thermal inertia , real stability of the structure, little or no risk of air ” leakage ” and has the advantage of be able to act as an interior finish and therefore a non-negligible budgetary saving.


About Us.

Halzebatz is the result of the collaboration between Pit Streicher, Banice Architectes and La maison de Demain, who specialize in minimalist designs for homes and office buildings.